About Us

Utah Valley Capoeira is owned and instructed by Arles and Celeste Lara (Monitors Espeto e Azul).  They have been performing and instructing capoeira since 2006.  They are associated with the Portuguese Dual Immersion program in the state of Utah, are adjunct Portuguese faculty members at UVU, and support the capoeira club at BYU. Espeto and Azul also travel the country learning and teaching capoeira. Utah Valley Capoeira is affiliated with the capoeira group Capuraginga, under the guidance of Mestre Loka.
Our school is located at:
Utah Valley Capoeira
578 North 100 West
Orem, UT 84057


“Capoeira has always been my creative outlet. The people at Utah Valley Capoeira are like my second family. That is what I love most about the capoeira community.”
Mark Hernandez – UVC student, assistant instructor

“Capoeira is more than just a good workout – it’s mentally stimulating as well. When you train capoeira, you’re developing your mind, body and spirit. It is the ultimate form of self-expression.”
Chelsea Ruiz – UVC student

“Capoeira motivates me to improve my personal fitness and has changed my life physically. Capoeira stands out from other martial arts to me because of the beauty of the movements. It’s visually stunning to watch.”
Allison Arnold – UVC Student